Jay and Caleigh became fast friends while working on a music video, which led to the combining of their professional endeavors. Together, they co- founded Raw Photography in 2013 and have since grown into recognized, go-to photography team in and around Toronto.

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Caleigh Le Grand is an actor/writer/photographer/producer living in Toronto. Alongside earning her honors in Media, Information & Technoculture and Level II Writer’s Certificate at the University of Western Ontario, Le Grand maintained her photography practice as it grew from passion to professional after publishing her first photograph in her city’s newspaper at age 16.

Financial Analyst by day, photographer by night, Jayant has been shooting since he found a dusty old Canon AE-1 at home and built his own darkroom when he was in high school. His love for photography drives him to constantly expand his repertoire and AAAARRRGGGGHHGHGBLLEEEAARRRRGGGGHHHHAAARRR!!!!!!